Trump’s Unpredictability is His Strength
Published in the Russian Council on International Affairs -

Not since Truman has there been a President that came into office with so little expectations. Not since Reagan has there been so much visceral fear of the unknown President with a hair trigger on the nuclear arsenal. Decades later, history respects their legacy for the courage to strategically drop the atomic bomb to close out a WW II that claimed upwards to 80 million lives and the ensuing fortitude in dismantling the Soviet Union’s clench on Eastern Europe and win the Cold War.

Aside from the total inadequacy of Jimmy Carter’s Presidency and his debacle over the American hostages held in Iran, we can surmise that a hard turn to the left under the Obama Presidency garnered socialist garble from the likes of Sharpton, Black Lives Matter, and out of touch liberal elites that ceased to be the party that helped the deserving blue collar and simply took money from those earning a living and recklessly gave it out to special interests in exchange for their votes.

The ambivalence of the populace voting and hoping for the first black President liberating Americans from centuries of guilt over its oppression of African Americans, they arrived at the polls eight years later in droves to privately overcome the politically correct Manchurian voices that knowingly shamed the masses to act toward the pursuits of the far-left. The charlatan globalist policies were exposed by then candidate Donald Trump as an imminent collapse and an incessant loss of the values and national freedoms cherished under the American Constitution.

Democracy won out when the people elected a leader who would resurrect their tenets out from beneath the heap of liberal dung that resents the principles of international affairs where America was being hemmed, cornered, and fenced by disdainful dictators, terrorist franchises, and religious extremists in lands afar running amuck over innocence, allies, and overseas national interests. Americans fathomed their past electoral fault when they decidedly opted for a proven leader from gritty main street to elevate America over the folks on Obama-Clinton elite street.

President Donald Trump’s learning curve for a leader never holding public office has a trajectory like that of a mountaineer scaling Mount Everest. Persevering through the elements, a lack of oxygen, or fear of plummeting onto a rocky crag, Trump’s remarkable resilience has seen him tweet and shoulder his way through skepticism in the GOP, an agenda driven media acting as the opposition, and progressive anarchists unwilling to uphold the law and perpetuate fascist disarray.        

Trump is a very quick study of the institution as he moves a breakneck business speed on minimal sleep. He did not need to go far to figure out how to project power and influence on the world’s political stage. Just as Roosevelt appointed generals George Marshall, Dwight Eisenhower, Douglas MacArthur, and Admiral Chester Nimitz; Trump has surrounded himself with the likes of Secretaries James Mattis, Wilbur Ross, Rex Tillerson, NSA James McMaster, and VP Mike Pence, some of the most proven and talented leaders in America that are given the tactical latitude in neutralizing the enemy from wreaking havoc and strategically asserting American influence to keep the world a safer and more prosperous planet.

Unlike Obama’s failed limited military actions and economic sanctions, Trump fully understands that validating respect for America comes only through leveraging its position of strength and a real fear of unpredictable reprisals. U.S. President Richard Nixon receives very little recognition for this approach when he responded to North Vietnam’s attack on the South when the Chinese-Russian backed regime sent 150,000 soldiers and 200 Soviet tanks across the negotiated DMZ on the eve of Nixon’s historic visit to China and ensuing trip to Moscow.

Nixon ordered an attack on the North that included over a thousand air strikes a day from 85 B-52s, an aircraft carrier, and 500 fighter bombers. This was in sharp contrast to his predecessor; U.S. President Johnson’s failed bombing halt on the North in response to mounting deleterious American public opinion. Nixon’s response, with little support from the U.S. Military Joint Chiefs, smashed the North’s aggression and furthermore damaged four Soviet ships.

President Nixon defended the credibility of the U.S., and commented afterwards that the Office of the President would not be worth holding if he was chased out of Vietnam by communists who had treated every conciliatory gesture with contempt.

With Nixon’s historic visit to China that changed our world; and China no longer throwing its full weight behind regime in North Vietnam, it placed additional pressure on Moscow to wedge itself in U.S.-China relations or be absconded from the big picture. The Soviets reaffirmed their invitation to the President; and Nixon responded by ordering an increase in airstrikes on North Vietnam from 1,000 to 1,200 a day upon his arrival. Nixon was greeted with much respect and ceremony; and the Russians promptly agreed to a Nuclear Weapons Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty (SALT). Unmistakably, the Nixon Doctrine of American projected vigor was venerated by the Russians.

The Democrats and the agenda-driven experts on CNN and the NYT have attempted at every military response by the President to indicate he has no foreign policy strategy or that he has is flip flopped on his campaign positions and dragging America into an unsustainable quagmire. Nothing could be further from the truth. On the contrary, it was the Chamberlain-like passivity by then President Obama after Syria crossed his ‘red line’ and his teetering counterbalance to the Russian offensive strategy that resulted in diminishing fear of American retaliation of unchallenged aggression.  Obama’s docility and absence of a solid U.S foreign policy doctrine essentially green-lighted the Russian annexation of Crimea and the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime on their own people.  

Trump simply upheld the ‘red line’ Obama drew in the sand which has been widely supported by our allies and friends abroad. It is no surprise that the only four countries (Iran, Syria, North Korea, and Russia) that publicly renounced the US cruise missile pinprick comprise of a Russian-led fanatical alliance on the wrong side of history.    

The dropping of the MOAB or so-called Mother of All Bombs on the ISIS tunnel hideout in Afghanistan was not Trump dragging America deeper into war as some would suggest but simply keeping another campaign promise to bomb the hell out of ISIS. This precision mega-blast was targeted to take out ISIS infrastructure with zero innocent lives lost; something Obama consistently failed to accomplish with hundreds of drone strikes resulting in collateral damage far beyond just the bad dudes.

The Syrian strikes to prevent further war crimes on humanity and the massive ordinance dropped on the cold-blooded anti-Christian cave men, along with a Nixonian U.S.-China diplomacy wedge following Trump talks with President Xi Jinping, has preemptively set a determined foreign policy ground work to finally deal with the threats by North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un, to rain nuclear tipped ballistic missiles onto America, Seoul, and Tokyo. For good measure that America is taken seriously, U.S. military commanders have sent a naval armada supported by USS Carl Vinson Carrier Strike Group to the Korean Peninsula, along with ever lurking Ohio Class submarines loaded with twenty-four 100 KT nuclear warheads capable of obliterating the rogue dictator if he is crazy enough to launch a nuclear attack.

For added quantification that the American military is fully capable of operating in several theatres, the George H.W. Bush CSG is readied in the Middle East if Iran decides to go off the rails with a bluster of antagonizing threats in the Persian Gulf. The Obama era of allowing Americans to be taken hostage and paraded on Iranian media is over.

The tacit demeanor of a kinder and gentler America over the last eight years has certainly led to a more unstable and ruthless world. The world is not looking to America to police the world, but they are desperately seeking a cop on the beat to bring back the rule of international law and the voice of freedom. Our allies, NATO, Israel, and the American military believe and are relieved American leadership is back and has their back.

The ebb and flow of leadership on this historic scale is nothing new as the world prods forward with new spearheads and global tribalism. Historians will begin to quickly look back at a failed foreign policy presidency where Obama’s doctrine of appeasement ruled the day over fortitude and steadfast American leadership; resulting in rogue leaders less apt to second guess themselves through the incompetence to sustain a greater peace through unpredictable strength.

President Trump has made it very clear in keeping everyone off balance when he often purported that he will not broadcast to the enemy what his plan is. For the first time in eight years, Putin must ask, “What will America do?” Yes, the markers are being placed, and America’s will and character will be tested.