​​​​The State of Israel - Israel and the Jewish people often find themselves having to defend their actions; and to a larger extent, their very existence. Centuries ago, the homeland faced the Babylonian, Roman, and Ottoman armies. Today, it is political activists, the United Nations, state sponsored terrorism, and a biased media resulting in misguided criticism...Read More

High Stakes Leadership - An absence of a solid U.S foreign policy doctrine and leadership by U.S. President Obama as the counterbalance to the Russian offensive strategy has resulted in diminishing fear of American reprisal of unchallenged aggression...Read More

Presidential Class Warfare - America entered an era of change over the last six years – a certain lowering of ideals, waning of hope, narrowing possibilities, and a sense that personal wealth is no longer possible. This seems to be a pretty dismal outlook in the land known for free market capitalism. Why the change of optimism and lowering of expectations... Read More 

Netanyahu Exposes Obama’s Weakness - It has been six years since the President Obama’s regime came into power, but it has been equivalent to Israel’s 6-Day War in diminishing the long-standing historical relations between Israel and the United States...Read More

Pipeline Dream - This is an absurd political decision killing over 100,000 direct and indirect high paying manufacturing jobs and a reliable source of energy from its close democratic friend to the north...Read More

Ontario's Cloud of Debt - With 111,438 public sector workers paid over $100,000 in 2014, it becomes more apparent that left of center politics and union leadership have shifted their

doctrinal philosophy... Read More

The LGBT Crusade - The instruments of social media has set in motion planet earth’s greatest revolution in 6,000 years by altering the natural family structure in an extraordinary short span of two decades...Read More

The Race Behind the Headlines - US President Barrack Obama was elected in large part on bringing hope, unity, and opulence to a divided country; specifically for the 95% of Black African Americans who cast their vote for their savior...Read More

The Consensus Opinion War on the Constitution, Christianity, and America - The world’s remaining stronghold and defender of freedom supporting the true democratic values conceived in The Constitution is rapidly imploding...Read More

Nexen’s Spill Drives the Fable - There is a famous folk tale where Chicken Little claimed, “the sky is falling, the sky is falling” as he told one fellow creature after another, and they followed in a chorus of frantic disarray over the ensuing end of the world only to discover...Read More

U.S. Abortion and the Third Reich Atrocities - “Never again” were two solemn words associated with one of the most tragic times in history...Read More

Obama Created EU Refugee Crisis - The absence of a solid U.S. foreign policy doctrine and leadership under U.S. President Obama has resulted in the deadly combination...Read More

The Line in the Sand is Shifting to Israel - I am very concerned for the Jewish nation as the battle lines in the sand shift closely to Jewish Nation. Time is of a critical essence...Read More

The Pope’s Fallible Fable - One can not help but recognize similarities of Pope Francis’ soft spoken global dispatch of mankind’s ravaging of the planet and the imminent collapse of mother earth...Read More

Here is the Solution to the Refugee Crisis - It is apparent that for all the top leadership in the world, whether Presidents, Prime Ministers, or a Pope, they have not been able expedite a strategic plan to stem the swelling refugee crisis...Read More

The Fall and Rising of a New World Order -  This is war; albeit a much different type of war where the battle lines are not simply entrenched armies facing each other over territorial ambitions but rather religious and political ideology competing for a new world...Read More

Prepare Against a Terrorist Attack - Dec. 8/15 - It has become very apparent that the land of the free, brave, and Western values of democracy are slipping into chaos where the survival of our lives can no longer depend Homeland Security protecting us...Read More

Obama Created the Rise of Trump and Putin -  Jan. 3/16 - Dr. Obama can take credit for creating Trumpenstein and Putinstein as a result of his fiascos both at home and abroad...Read More

The GOP South Carolina Firewall -  Jan. 18/16 - President Obama’s comments in his final State of the Union Address and the follow up GOP response by South Carolina Governor, Nikki Haley, came together in a tag-team attack on the two front runners in the race for Republican nomination for President of the United States...Read More

Trumpeting Populism in America - Jan. 28/16 - Has populism overthrown conservatism in the GOP race for the White House? One might reckon with the recent Donald Trump...Read More

Republican G-Men Trapped - Feb. 5/16 - Why are the three governors, Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, and John Kasich, trailing so far behind the field of Republican candidates for President of the United States?...Read More

The Next President is Not Running for Office - Feb. 6/16 - The next President of the United States will not spend a dime in the campaign, show up for a couple of under card debates, and will not even be on the ballot box for President in November.  How can that be?...Read More

Bernie Sanders, the Most Dangerous Man in America - Feb. 13/16 - Senator Bernie Sanders, the rising demagogue seeking the Democrat Party’s nomination for President of the United States is currently the most dangerous man in America...Read More

Trump’s Evangelical Formula - Mar. 1/16

Conventional wisdom has been confounded with the Evangelical wing of the party coalescing around the GOP frontrunner for President of the United States. Mention Donald Trump and what springs to mind?...Read More

Is Mitt Romney Doing the Party's Bidding - Mar. 4/16

The speech by the former presidential GOP candidate, Governor Mitt Romney, is the embodiment of panic from the crumbling old guard...Read More

Brexit Prelude to America - Jun. 25/16
The United Kingdom defied the political and economic elites. The political left in America should take note...Read More

Hillary Lacks Judgement to be President - Jul. 8/16

There was very little doubt the Clinton’s would have their way with the FBI investigation and elude an indictment. It is a disgrace that FBI Director James Comey concluded he was unable to prove Hillary’s intent to break the law...Read More

The Real Genocidal Racism in America - July 13/16

“Never again” were two solemn words associated with one of the most tragic times in history when Nazi Germany under the Third Reich systematically committed genocide with the extermination of six million...Read More

Western Civilization Must Decide Its Fate - July 19/16

Erected shrines of colorful flowers, candles, and balloons placed at the inspired radical Islamic sites of micro-genocide where deliberate and calculated acts of butchery and extermination of Western infidels has now become the norm...Read More

The Presidential Race on Racism - Sept. 8/16

If singling out illegal immigrants crossing the Mexican border into the United States or blocking the infiltration of refugees from war torn Muslim countries containing ISIS terrorists is considered racist...Read More

Clinton’s Rigged Surrogates - Oct. 25/16

The Democrat Party and their progressive liberal surrogates have turned to the Clinton playbook in leading a concerted effort through an accelerating conduit of social networking and a biased news media...Read More

Trump and The Rise of America - Nov. 11/16
Who would have thought? A businessman with zero political experience that endured a stigma of bigotry, tax evader, friend of the KKK, womanizer, and impugned with a dangerously unfit temperament could take down the mighty Bush and Clinton clans and become the most powerful man in the world...Read More

Trump and Putin in the Art of the Deal - Nov. 28/16
The Trump blueprint for destroying Republicans in the primaries, contending for a hostile electoral takeover of the presidency, and now the next President of these United States of America...Read More

Obama’s Parting Shots - Despicable - Dec. 31/16

In the waning days of the current US Administration, President Obama’s vindictive demeanour is on full display as he raises the sword from his scabbard in one last ditch act of pettiness towards his international adversaries...Read More

Trump and Putin Arrive in the Middle East - Feb. 1/17
There has been no better time in recent history where Russian-American bilateral relations are positioned best to leverage their coordinated influence on the divided sectarian and tribalistic theatre in the Middle East...Read More

Trump’s Unpredictability is His Strength - Apr. 19/17

Not since Truman has there been a President that came into office with so little expectations. Not since Reagan has there been so much visceral fear of the unknown President... Read More

Preventing the Next Manchester - May 26/17

At the given time, the Manchester terrorist attack seems destined to become synonymous with Nice and Paris as we reminisce about the array of micro-genocides...Read More

American Collusion into the U.S Presidency - June 30/17

There is considerably more intensifying evidence of collusion by a political horde, intelligence leaks, and the mainstream news media collaborating with the domestic ‘Deep State Swamp’ in Washington to take down...Read More

Republicans Taking Down President Trump - Aug. 13/17
The GOP's Republican Guard is actively paralyzing President Donald Trump’s agenda...Read More

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