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Motivating Yourself and Others-Production and quality work is what have helped our company get to where it is today.  Sales are important to sustaining business goals and our future.. coming soon.

Prioritizing -  The value of time is our most precious commodity…let’s guard it well... coming soon.

Sundown Rule  - In a busy place such as ours, where our jobs depend on one another, it should be our standard, as much as possible, to respond today... coming soon.

Close to home

Periodically a dissertation or brief dispatch might come to light simply out of unusual circumstances or an unyielding event unrelated to the nuances of leadership and the political realms. Man of Grit’s intention would be to impart a relevant commentary from various ambles of life or simply a morsel to chew on and hopes to benefit or inspire the reader. Close to Home will no doubt evolve from its roots and with some good fortune, bare meaningful food for thought.