close to home 

principled leadership 

political shift

Periodically a dissertation or brief dispatch might come to light simply out of unusual circumstances or an unyielding event unrelated to the nuances of leadership and the political realms. Man of Grit’s intention would be to impart a relevant commentary from various ambles of life or simply a morsel to chew on and hopes to benefit or inspire the reader. Close to Home will no doubt evolve from its roots and with some good fortune, bare meaningful food for thought. 

​​By no means can one ascribe to cornering the market on what composes a remarkable leader. There are, however, numerous leveraged attributes and likely some good favor that will propel leaders towards the aspired sequel. One should note that remaining principled in approach and possessing a determined intensity of genuine grit does not necessarily result in a promotion or notable recognition; but rather a devoted sense of personal and professional accomplishment without compromising your values.  All the while resting well in retrospect whether tomorrow, at the end of a career, or in the eyes of your children.  This is leading small to lead big by identifying the valued relationships requiring the contribution of your guidance and support. It is principled leadership that is best suited to demonstrate and deliver the essentials of a respected and engaged team. If you are a leader, you need to live as a leader.   

Political opinions can be polarizing, and will quite often lay claim to one’s left or right-leaning positions whether through content or by the reader’s interpretation. The pieces you read in Man of Grit tend to align with conservative principles not formally apportioned in the most recognizable news media outlets or what may be hearkened in a passing sound bite; and subsequently perceived as spot-on or the lone version of events. There is usually more to the storyline that when combined with additional facts, historical context, and precedent that one might come away with a fresh and developing viewpoint. Man of Grit looks not to necessarily acquire wide-ranging agreement but rather to complement distinction to your political conviction.