American Collusion into the U.S Presidency

June 30, 2017

There is considerably more intensifying evidence of collusion by a political horde, intelligence leaks, and the mainstream news media collaborating with the domestic ‘Deep State Swamp’ in Washington to take down the duly elected President Donald Trump than the persistent conditioning of the masses with the far-reaching narrative of Russian collusion with Trump’s inner circle to take down Hillary Clinton and overtly impact the presidential election.

The effort has culminated in congressional and senatorial endorsements across the political aisles to launch a staffed-up Special Counsel with a pedigree to find a crime rather than investigate a crime that does not exist. Robert Mueller’s 12-member team of partisan-laden prosecutors have one thing in mind. Prosecute! This investigation will turn into a deep-sea fishing expedition taking up President Trump’s oxygen on the genuine issues facing America right up to the mid-term elections in 2018.  

The strategy is well known throughout history. Any kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and a house divided against itself will fall. This will be achieved by the Special Prosecutor flailing in any direction without oversight and with intent to initiate the impeachment of the President. This objective will be aided and abetted by Democrat Party leaders noshing mainstream news networks with sound bites of White House obstruction and cover-up’s, frequent and damaging surreptitious leaks from the intelligence agencies, and the Never Trumpers in the GOP slothfully biding their time while hoping their news tired constituencies will not blame them for Trump’s demise.   

First, let’s be clear that while there have been illegal intel leaks to the media about Russian meddling into the 2016 campaign, including former FBI Director James Comey admitting to leaking investigation details against the administration under oath to the Washington Post, there has been no substantive evidence of collusion or obstruction of justice. In fact, the president has every right under constitution authority to fire Comey for any reason or no reason even if Trump admits he was fed up with Comey’s unwillingness to go public that he was not under investigation.

Yes, Russia has been interfering in elections around the world for over 70 years. What’s new is that ‘cyber’ is now a technology that can be used in a complex and deceptive way. Russia's President Vladimir Putin has rightly described the allegations as a reflection of “exacerbating political infighting…. the people who lost the vote hate to acknowledge that they indeed lost because the person who won was closer to the people and had a better understanding of what people wanted.”

No surprise that America has been just as guilty in covertly or overtly attempting to change regimes as recently as President Obama’s meddling in ousting the former pro-Russian President in Ukraine that resulted in Russia reattaching Crimea to the homeland, Obama’s ‘red-line’ in Syria resulting in the rise of ISIS, a Russian naval base, and millions of people either killed or fleeing as refugees. There was his support of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt at the demise previous allied government, the overthrow and assassination Muammar Gaddafi in Libya, the political patronage of those opposing Netanyahu in the Israeli elections, and his failed attempt to sway the Brexit vote to remain in the EU. America’s last eight years have been a tad complicated. 

It would seem the deep-state, whether the intelligence agency, embedded agenda-driven bureaucrats, and some in the military industrial complex that had it their way over the years became disillusioned when Hillary Clinton did not prevail in the election. Certain wars and the way affairs metastasized were insulated inside the beltway. Suddenly, the yeast in those who love the most important seats in Washington has risen to thwart the pledge by an outsider who intends to drain the swamp.

 The peril became all too apparent when former CIA chief, John Brennan, a Democrat who worked for Obama was eager to work for Hillary; and he quickly realized Trump was going to depoliticize his CIA.  Brennan, with his supporting cast of unsourced national security leaks in the media, began to openly criticize Trump in an exceptionally hostile manner over Russia. One must wonder who has been running the country.  

One such “fake news” document came from CNN running a story on a 35-page “Trump Dossier” considering the president’s alleged ties to Russia. Putin, for all his unnerving cunningness, put the congressional and FBI investigations of Trump’s campaign ties to Russia in a deep state perspective when he asserted the visceral accusations have destabilized international affairs.

The Russian president argued that trying to influence the U.S. vote would make no sense for Moscow as a U.S. president can’t unilaterally shape policies. He said, “Presidents come and go, but policies don’t change. You know why? Because the power of bureaucracy is very strong.” Obviously referring to Brennan and the deep-state folks.

Aside from the agenda-driven comrades at the NYT, WAPO, CNN disseminating 90% of their coverage on Trump as negative by inflicting a death on the presidency by a thousand cuts that is reminiscent Caesar’s assassination in the hideous Public Theatre production, “Shakespeare in the Park”, the Never Trumpers have abdicated the invented conspiracies to political left while they predict disasters and an unhinged and imploding tweeter. Never Trumpers blame Trump for alienating our NATO partners, discriminating against all Muslims, and an apocalyptic disaster awaiting the planet for pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord.  

George Will, yesterday’s prominent journalist representing the Never Trumpers in the GOP, has attempted to galvanize the right when he beseeched the public to quarantine this presidency by insistently communicating to elected representatives a steady, rational fear of this man. The Republican Party has demonstrated no backbone in the Congress to support their president and fight back against the Russian Collusion narrative. Essentially, Donald Trump stands alone as an elected president to be without his party’s support in the political arena.

For all the animosity facing this president in a transition of power that has been anything but peaceful, he is not alone. Trump’s greatest wall of defense is not on the Mexican border but rather the American people. The blatant action against an underdog president by the Deep State Swamp seeking his impeachment and a Democrat Party obstructing the president’s election platform may just guarantee a second term. Let’s be very clear that this president will not go down without a fight, even if it means calling for a civil war on the Deep State to preserve his election.

If this investigation is to go on, and it looks like Trump will permit it to do so at his own ruin, the Special Counsel must go back to the origins of the Intel leaks to the WAPO and NYT and the authorized surveillance of Trump colleges. Who put it out there? Who are in the back channels out to destroy this president? These questions must be answered prior to moving on to investigate Trump. If these questions cannot be answered by the Special Counsel, any further probing would simply be a politicized set up to nullify the 2016 election. 

Evidently, Russian collusion was never a big deal for Obama when the intelligence agencies warned him of alleged cyber attacks into both the GOP and Dem's campaigns three months prior to the presidential election and did nothing. Why? It was all kept under wrap to prevent Trump from claiming the election was rigged as he thought a Clinton victory was a lock. Obama, the Intelligence agencies, and the Clinton Campaign is the real collusion that requires a special prosecutor.      

America democracy is currently more at risk from this year-long orchestrated domestic collusion to undermine President Trump and remove him from office than any alleged Russian cyber intrusions into the Clinton campaign team’s computer servers.