Following a sudden and unexpected health matter in the family, the decision to leave the regional position and remain close to family was most prudent. Rich took on the role of human resources manager over the past six years at a Fortune 50 Company that entered the Canadian landscape.  Rich also made an impact by serving as a director on two influential boards.

Rich was a regular guest co-host on a popular radio broadcast and has grown his passion to write on various topics; resulting in numerous published editorials and features. As a proud American and Canadian citizen, Rich's diverse work-life experience, including raising a family, as well as a number of bumps and twists along the road has resulted in this interesting journey we call life.

Rich is now leading a global manufacturing company as the Corporate Human Resources Manager. 
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Rich eventually supported 40 large retail facilities in five Districts across Ontario that comprised of well over 15,000 employees. As the Regional Associate Relations Manager, he was visible in all corners of the business and approachable to resolve employee’s concerns, guide senior management and human resources managers, introduce new retail formats into Canada, conduct complex investigations, and parachute into significant labor occurrences that had the probability of becoming a circumventing conduit into the larger American retail arena.

Rich brings to the table a sweeping diversity of experience and grasps the tactical level of the business operating structure with a keen sense on refining communication and efficiencies.  He is a cultivator of the foundation – the appreciated employees, the inspired culture and values that comprise an engaged team delivering the finest internal and external customer service. He has the strategic balancing skills of diplomatic leadership, collaboration, and key decision-making that fosters the long term objectives of the organization.  

Whether it be the searing tobacco fields on the sandy north shores of Lake Erie, the bursting fishing vessels on the Pacific coast waters, the daring lumber camps in the Interior, eight years pedaling a bicycle 10 miles a day to the grinding shop floors of an automotive assembly plant, to launching, building, and leading big box retail facilities culminating in national store and customers service store of the year awards. Rich broke away from work to seek that elusive education, and graduated in Business Administration, Marketing, and Human Resources, and captured the Industrial Management Club of Canada Award and the President’s Medal for academic achievement and noteworthy leadership.  

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